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Why do Doctors need NutraMetrix in their office?


NutraMetrix™ is a program offered to Doctors and other Health Professionals by Nutraceutical Consultants.  I am a Nutraceutical Consultant that currently works with doctors and dentists in New York City, Queens and Long Island.

NutraMetrix is:
1) A high-quality line of cutting-edge, customizable Nutraceuticals.  Our supplements are offered private label to doctors only.  You cannot buy NutraMetrix products in a retail establishment.
2) It is a complimentary approach to health and wellness that you can offer your patients.
3) There is a comprehensive 12-week Low Glycemic Transitions Weight Management Program
4) NutraMetrix also offers an advanced accredited 3-day course specifically on nutritionsl supplements and the weight management program.  CME/CEU and optomitrist credits are offered.
5)  Incredible service by the nutraceutical consultant, not only for the doctor, but for the staff, training and helping the patients.  Having a NC assigned to your practice is critical to implement a successful, profitable and smooth-running program.

Please go to www.nutraMetrix.com to learn more about the program.   Please pass this BLOG onto any doctor you know that is interested in learning more about increasing the health and wellness factor in their practice.

If you are interested in learning me, please contact me to set up an appointment to discuss the specifics of what we can offer your practice.


Author: Lynn Miner-Rosen

Longevity Solutions, LLC is a service business that offers health, wellness and business solutions to all. I am a Certified NutraMetrix Business and Wellness Consultant that creates partnerships with doctors and health professionals so they can offer their patients the highest quality, customizable, Isotonic capable supplements. All business are directly a result of my involvement with Market America.

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